The syrup left after the last processing of sugarcane or beets, this is black molasses or molasses. It has a pronounced slightly bitter taste and a distinct heady aroma. It is not recommended to use it as sweetener - add to tea or pour her pancakes , but it is used when it is required to add molasses to a dish that will be subject to further heat treatment. Black molasses is an ingredient in gingerbread dough, smoked ham is used with it, it is added in the production of rum, no spicy pudding can do without it. Light or light molasses is obtained during the initial processing of sugar, not raw materials. Sweet, golden, aromatic, it looks more like syrup. It is used as a syrup, adding to cereal, granola, granola, pouring it cheesecakes , pancakes, waffles and muffins. Sorghum molasses is not technically molasses, as it is obtained by processing sorghum specifically for the purpose of extracting this syrup. Such molasses is the sweetest, it contains from 65 to 70% sucrose, against 55% in molasses and 60% in light molasses. Smooth amber syrup has a short shelf life, contains preservatives and is suitable only as a sweetener. If you are going to cook with molasses, it is important to remember a number of nuances. Firstly, black molasses can always be replaced with light, but never vice versa. You can also use baking instead of molasses, you replaced molasses with something other than molasses, then also remember to add as many teaspoons of baking soda as many glasses of molasses would have to be used. Secondly, molasses is very thick and sticky. If according to the recipe you need to measure it with cups, glasses or any other containers, then it is better to lubricate them with vegetable oil first, then molasses will easily slip out. Thirdly, 500 grams of molasses in volume is 1 whole and 1/3 cup. And the last. When storing molasses, it is important to remember that heat and humidity can make it moldy. The treacle can be stored in the refrigerator, but must be taken an hour before use, otherwise it will be too thick. An open bottle of molasses can be stored for up to one year.