Sure, there are people who don't like milk and derivative products at all. But still, most people consider dairy products as a necessary part of the diet. Given the fact that nutritionists and doctors do not recommend eating up before bedtime, and it’s quite difficult to fall asleep on an empty stomach, it is dairy products (not too high in calories, but nutritious) that can solve this problem.

Is it good to drink milk?

Milk is actually the first product that the human body takes after birth . It contains many vitamins and minerals, in particular calcium necessary for bones, has a low calorie content, tastes good. Warm milk with a small amount of honey is an excellent remedy for a sore throat, and it works great as a preventative. But there is a significant drawback - milk is very poorly absorbed by the adult body - no more than thirty percent of the amount accepted, and how much can you drink it at a time ?. This means that milk is rather poorly digested, which can lead to heaviness in the stomach and other unpleasant sensations, which usually interfere with healthy sleep. Therefore, you need to drink milk at least a couple of hours before bedtime, if you like its taste, or from your point of view, the positive side overlaps this negative. Israeli scientists believe that regular use warm milk helps to fight overweight.

Why is it useful to drink kefir at night?

Kefir is a fermented milk product, which means that it contains special bacteria similar to those that live in the microflora of the human stomach. Kefir is produced artificially, special beneficial bacteria are added to it especially, after which the drink is sent for sale. Kefir cleanses the human body, promotes digestion, and prevents the occurrence of dysbiosis and other unpleasant phenomena. Do not drink kefir in too large quantities. If you are on a diet, choose kefir of one percent fat content, more fat kefir is suitable both for eating in pure form and for baking. There are actually completely fat-free types of kefir, which are great for dieting. But you need to get used to their taste first. If you don’t have any special problems or allergic reactions for this drink, it is absorbed by the body easier and faster than milk, so you can drink it just before you go to bed.