Salt is necessary for life of the human body . It is found in all biological fluids - blood, tears, sweat, etc. Without salt, the work of internal organs and systems the body . Sea salt is a unique natural product. In addition to sodium chloride, it contains compounds of iodine, potassium, bromine, chlorine, manganese, magnesium, iron, silicon, calcium, zinc, selenium and copper. Sea salt is very useful for the human body , because it helps to replenish the balance of minerals. The most important trace elements contained in sea salt are potassium, which prevents the formation of edema, and iodine, which is necessary for thyroid gland , which is responsible for the metabolic processes of the body. In addition, a lack of iodine in the diet of a pregnant woman can fatally affect the intelligence of a child. Zinc, manganese, selenium and calcium help strengthen immunity, improve blood function, and fight tumors. Magnesium and bromine help to cope with stress, slow down the aging process. Chlorine is necessary for the work of the stomach, iron for the formation of red blood cells and oxygen metabolism, copper for the prevention of anemia, silicon for the elasticity of blood vessels. Sea salt is completely dissolved and not deposited in the tissues of the body. It has a mild flavor and well emphasizes the taste of the products. Coarse salt is best used for soups, broths and marinades. Medium salt is needed for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. Fine grinding is suitable for salads and salting of ready-made food. Sea salt shows its excellent qualities not only when eaten. For a long time baths with it are an effective way of treatment. Sea salt accelerates the metabolic processes of body tissues, improves blood properties, promotes the regeneration of skin cells, helps fight pain, cramping, inflammation and infections.