What is the difference between satin and matte ceilings: comparison, pros and cons, photos

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What is the difference between satin and matte ceilings: comparison, pros and cons, photos

New, effective and stylish ceiling coatings, appearing on the building materials market every year, receive rave reviews. However, the classics are not forgotten. Designers like to use matte and satin stretch ceilings in projects, considering them the leaders of modern ceiling solutions. Functionality, environmental safety, aesthetics and a variety of color solutions make it possible to successfully apply them in any apartments, houses and commercial premises. Manufacturers offer their customers a huge assortment of such products.

How to choose the right one?

Classic matte stretch ceiling

You are doing the repair and change the appearance of the ceiling? A good choice is satin and matte stretch ceiling. Their differences will determine which one is right for you so that the design of the ceiling and its texture harmoniously combine with the style decision of the whole interior.

Remember that satin fabric is not for cold rooms. If your balcony is not insulated, use a matte finish. It maintains a small subzero temperature. In any heated rooms, which is better to use? It depends on personal preferences.

Take into account such a nuance as the width of the canvas. Seams on the coating, of course, are hardly noticeable, but without a seam, the ceilings look better. It's up to the owner to decide which ceiling to choose, seamless or with a seam.

Timeless classics

Matte stretch ceiling

The matte stretch ceiling is a modern finish that has undeniable advantages over existing ceilings on the market. Thanks to the design features, you can achieve a perfect flat surface, reliably hiding all defects and utilities. And thanks to a large selection of colors, you can implement any design decisions. This type imitates traditional whitewashing, therefore it is ideally suited for any type of premises. In addition, the matte ceiling has the lowest cost.

The matte fabrics for stretch ceilings on the market differ in several ways:

  • The type of material is fabric or film. The former have a high density and resistance to temperature changes and mechanical stress. The latter are waterproof, and, if necessary, can be easily removed.
  • The width of the canvas. It varies from 150 to 550 centimeters. For large rooms, it is preferable to choose wide canvases, as they will allow you to use a seamless design.
  • Material color. Matte canvases are usually made in neutral pastel colors. Also, this type is excellent for printing using photo printing.

All these differences directly affect the cost of a matte stretch ceiling. Also the price depends on the country of production.

Popularity is justified

Matte ceilings are very beloved. And there are good reasons for this:

  • They are fabric, that is, seamless, or PVC films. Seamless attract extraordinary width - up to five meters. True, their cost is higher.
  • The matte surface does not depend on lighting - the color remains unchanged. This is what distinguishes a satin stretch ceiling from a matte one.
  • Glare is excluded. Matte stretch ceilings look good in any interior. They do not reflect light and do not give glare, so they are ideal for bedrooms and children's rooms. The material looks as natural as possible. Thanks to the combination of colors or using lighting, you can realize very original ideas.

Keeping such a ceiling clean is easy - just wipe it lightly with a soft cloth dampened in soapy water. It is forbidden to use aggressive cleaners that can damage the canvas, and it doesn’t matter how the satin ceiling differs from the matte one. Caring for them is not much different.


What is the difference between a matte ceiling and a satin? The reviews of those who have already installed one or another option will openly talk about this. Matt have all the advantages inherent to other types:

  • Durability. Warranty for them is 10 years, although in normal use they last much longer. The material does not fade in the sun and does not lose shape.
  • Easy to use. When the fabric is dirty, just wipe it with a damp soft cloth and the ceiling will again have a beautiful appearance.
  • Environmental safety. The material does not emit harmful substances and odors.
  • Functionality. The matte ceiling canvas is resistant to temperature changes and is resistant to high temperatures. humidity, so it can be installed in bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas.
  • Appearance. Any room has a matte stretch sweat lok give classic neat finished look. It protects the premises well from possible leaks from above.
  • The canvas is able to hold a large amount of water, and after draining to get its original appearance.
  • Quickly installed. Traditional ceiling decoration takes from one day or more, depending on the type of materials used. Professional craftsmen will install stretch ceilings in a few hours.

Main differences

Many installation options, texture features and a variety of colors allow you to create amazing ceiling solutions, limited only by imagination. To make the right choice, you need to understand what distinguishes a satin ceiling from a matte ceiling. The coating is made of PVC and has a polyurethane impregnation. Matte ceilings have a flat, rough surface to the touch. It looks like a plastered surface. This type of ceiling arrangement looks aristocratic. A more modern look will be given to the room by photo or colored ceilings. To understand the difference between a satin ceiling and a matte stretch ceiling, you just need to contact the professionals and see the proposed materials on examples of completed projects.

Satin - texture novelty

Satin ceiling in the bedroom

What is the difference between the satin ceiling and the matte ceiling in texture? What is the effect of interacting with light? Satin is a kind of middle ground between matte and gloss. Its slight luster hardly reflects the light from the lamps. The texture is similar to silk. These qualities give the ceiling a pleasant shade and appearance. Although the cost of satin stretch coatings on the construction market is almost equal to the cost of matte, but outwardly they look more expensive and elegant. At the same time, they provide customers with the widest selection of relevant color solutions.


Thanks to its pleasant texture and moderately shiny satin ceiling surface, it is able to fit into any interior of a house or apartment, as well as an office or salon beauty. No wonder this stretch fabric got its name from a silky and very dense fabric of the same name.

The difference between the matte ceiling and satin, the photos posted in the article will clearly demonstrate.

Interior stretch ceiling

Thanks to the dual texture, the light spreads evenly and softly, which gives the room where such a ceiling is present, a cozy calm atmosphere. gh strength and waterproofing properties help protect the room from moisture and leaks.

This stretch ceiling is the perfect choice for those who work hard. Imagine that you come home after a tiring day with a great desire to relax. One has only to look at the ceiling: its gentle structure and calm tone will become a good relaxing therapy after a hard day.

How to choose

Each owner sooner or later repairs the ceilings. Choose satin or matte stretch ceiling? Differences often determine the choice. The general style of the room is also taken into account.

Do not forget that satin fabric is not installed in unheated rooms, as it does not tolerate cold temperatures. The matte canvas is able to withstand a slight minus temperature. If, for example, the loggia is insulated, then which ceiling will be installed is a matter of taste.

Pay attention to the width. Seamless stretch ceiling looks better. Only the owner will be able to decide, weighing the pros and cons, what is the difference between a satin stretch ceiling and a matte ceiling and what is better, with or without seam.

How do surfaces react to light?

The color scheme is chosen and the ceiling blends harmoniously into the interior. Wrong texture selection? This will destroy the general idea of ​​the designer. What is the difference between a satin ceiling and a matte ceiling in texture? How does a different texture interact with light? Different surfaces respond to lighting in their own way - either reflect or absorb. These types of coatings differ in their ability to interact with light:

  • An opaque stretch ceiling reduces the visual perception of the size of the room. But at the same time it gives the space a classic charm. It looks calm without causing negative emotions. The matte surface is not distorted by glare.
  • Satin ceiling. Its texture gently diffuses daylight and emphasizes the texture of the ceiling. Under artificial lighting, it seems lighter, adding coziness and warmth to the space of the room. Tones acquire the luster of mother of pearl. For large spaces of classical design, this is the most harmonious version of the ceiling. Ideal for relaxation rooms.


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