What is the director dreaming of from work: the meaning and interpretation of sleep

31.08.2019 Dream book
What is the director dreaming of from work: the meaning and interpretation of sleep

Our dreams are a reflection of everyday worries and worries. Sometimes you have such an unusual dream that you get up and involuntarily think what it would mean? For example, why does dream of a director from work ? For the most accurate interpretation, it is important to remember all the smallest details of sleep. In what situation did you meet your director, how did he react to your appearance, did you communicate good-naturedly or didn’t notice you at all how you were dressed? It is also important whether there were other colleagues from work in a dream.

Variety of dream books: which one to choose?

In most cases, dream books give approximately the same interpretation of a dream. However, there are small nuances: those who believe in magic will not like the interpretation of the psychological dream book, and inveterate pragmatists will laugh out loud at the esoteric dream interpretation.

  1. The female dream book takes into account female psychology when deciphering dreams. After all, the fair sex of nature is sensitive and impressionable. If you are female, pay attention to the interpretation of this particular dream book.
  2. The psychological dream book does not reveal the future, but it allows you to more deeply reflect on the state of the subconscious. The decryption in it is based on the work of modern psychologists.
  3. A gypsy dream book deciphers the meaning of dreams based on the predictions of gypsies. People of this nationality have always been famous for their ability to look into the future.
  4. Esoteric dream book should be used by those who believe in otherworldly powers and magic.
decryption of sleep about the director

Talking with a boss in a dream

In a dream, seeing a director from work and talking to him is a sign of imminent problems at work.

  1. The psychological dream book warns: you are so earned, you are so close to heart accepting the question of your career growth, that there is a nervous breakdown on the horizon. In a dream, seeing the director from work and discussing matters with him is a sign that it’s time for you to take a vacation or take out a vacation at last. Otherwise, chronic fatigue very quickly makes itself felt unforgivable errors in the course of performing their job duties.
  2. Why does the director dream of work? A female dream book reports that for the fair sex, such a dream indicates imminent changes at work. If in a dream the boss was complacent, then the changes would be favorable. If he shouted or expressed dissatisfaction, then after such a dream he must carefully carry out his duties so as not to “get” a fine.
  3. The esoteric dream book says that to see the director in a dream and talk to him is a sign, that one of the colleagues conceived the evil. Carefully inspect your workplace. You may find traces of candles or ashes on it. This means that you are being pulled away with the help of forbidden techniques of black magic.
  4. Pay attention to the interpretation of the Gypsy dream book. The director from work is in a dream if changes are nearing the workplace. If the director was awake and in a good mood in a dream, you will most likely be promoted or paid a bonus. If the conversation in the dream was negative, then you should expect trouble.
in a dream see the director from work

Post with director time is fun in a dream

Remember how you spent time with the director in a dream. If you had fun, joked, sat at the same table - that’s a good sign.

  1. If a woman dreams that she is having fun and joking with her director from working in an informal atmosphere, this dream portends a promotion, a cash bonus or an increase in salary. Seeing in a dream a male director who solicits and allows himself unambiguous hints - because of your promotion, colleagues will begin to gossip. Behave yourself as correctly as possible after such a dream and don’t give a reason for gossip, warns the Woman’s dream book.
  2. Esoteric dream book warns: after a dream in which you relaxed with your own director in a relaxed atmosphere, there is a high risk of deterioration in relations. Most likely, you are appreciated at work as a useful employee. However, one of the colleagues is jealous of you, in connection with which the evil eye occurs. For this reason, after such a dream, relations with the director in real life may worsen.
  3. If the director dreamed of work, what was the point? Remember how he behaved - recommends a psychological dream book. If the director was excessively cheerful or even drunk in a dream, then in real life you are afraid of him and have a slight dislike. Try to treat your leader as an ordinary person, recommends Dream Interpretation. This will help reduce the distance and come to work with pleasure, rather than hard labor.
dream of the director

What is dreaming of intimacy with the director

What is the director dreaming of from my work - the woman with whom I entered into intimacy in a dream? Such a dream, according to psychologists, indicates that in real life you like your director, and you would not mind having an intimate relationship with her. But if a man had a dream in which he had an affinity with the male director, then such a dream indicates that subconsciously I would like to establish friendly relations with this person. However, the social ladder creates an insurmountable social barrier between the employee and the bosses, so dreams will remain just dreams.

If a woman had a dream about intimacy with the director from her own work, this indicates a desire to improve her status. The dreamer is tired of being content with her place in the company, she wants career growth, success, a lot of money. After such a dream, there is a risk that colleagues will start to gossip behind the dreamer that she is walking over the heads and does not shun by any means in matters of promotion on the career ladder.

A dream about traveling with superiors

What does the general director dream of working with you in an exotic country, on a beach under a palm tree, or even on a business trip to another country?

  1. Psychological with he reports: the dream of a trip with his own director to another country is foreshadowed by a worker-in-arms. Most likely, you yourself are aware of this: the reporting period is nearing or the delivery of the project, and the necessary documentation is still not ready for you. After such a dream, you urgently need to “take your feet in your hands” and finish all the work, otherwise you can be fired or fined.
  2. If a woman had a dream in which she has fun under the southern sun on the sea or ocean with his director from work, you will soon have to sweat at work. A woman’s dream book warns: in reality, you don’t have to rest, you are waiting for work at work and in the literal sense of the word you have to “spend the night” and spend time at work. will have to mobilize all his strength. Most likely, a difficult period of disagreement with colleagues and superiors is ahead. And if you do not show flexibility, sensitivity, moderate cunning and the ability to communicate, then there is a great risk of losing your job.

Colleagues and the director in a dream

What does the director dream of work, Yes, not one, but surrounded by colleagues? So, to see yourself in an unfamiliar room in a dream, surrounded by colleagues and bosses, portends a period of fuss. After such a dream, you will have so many things to do that you will "spin like a squirrel in a wheel." In order to prevent mistakes, and not to drop your authority as a specialist, you should pay maximum attention.

To dream of colleagues and directors in a noisy corporate event - in real life you can discredit yourself as a specialist. If in a dream you had fun and did not have any negative emotions, then the controversial situation will end well. Perhaps the situation will come to a standstill and a lawsuit will be instituted against the dreamer. If you dreamed that a noisy corporate event ended in a fight or quarrel, in a dream you felt fear or a dream had the shade of a nightmare, then in reality everything will end badly for you. Perhaps you will be fired under the article, or reprimanded with recording in a private matter. After such a dream, you need to be on your guard - in this regard, almost all dream books are similar in interpretation.

To dream about yourself, the director and colleagues in the office, but not at work, but at some strange occupation (for example, some dream how they as a whole team cut out snowflakes from paper, etc.) - to check. It is likely that after such a dream a check will come to your office. And if the documents are not in order, or some part of the regulation is not implemented properly, then not only the dreamer, but the whole team will suffer.

I had a dream about a former boss

A former director had a dream - at work problems that you ignored earlier will come to the fore. They will have to be solved without fail, which will require a lot of effort and time. You have been saving things for a long time, and very soon the hour will come in which it will be impossible to put things off in a distant box. Otherwise, you will be fired or going down the corporate ladder.

What is the dream of the former director of work? The dream, in the plot of which you spoke with the former director, speaks of your laziness and some indecision. Because of it, you are not able to achieve great success, a rapid take-off on the career ladder, which negatively affects your morale. You constantly put things off the shelf, as a result, the reporting period is nearing or you need to hand over the project (or else somehow provide the result of your activities), but you have nothing to provide. There are no results, since you preferred to be lazy and boast about having a job in front of your loved ones. After such a dream, you should disassemble the abalone and as soon as possible “clean all the tails” in the work plan.

The female dream book about the symbol of the former director also responds not in the best way. After such a dream, the girl should be on her guard: her professional qualities leave much to be desired, most likely, she does not fully correspond to her position. Very soon this fact will be revealed, for the reason of which there will be many unpleasant gossips and, possibly, dismissal.

dreamed of a female director

Quarrels and conflicts with the director in a dream

Why does the director dream of work if he screams or somehow expresses dissatisfaction with your work? Strange as it may seem, most dream books are interpreted on the positive side:

  1. If the director yells at you, and you listen to his claims, then in real life you are a very self-critical person - explains Psychological dream book. However, in reality there is no reason for concern: your self-criticism, as a rule, positively affects the result of your work. So, most likely, in reality, you are the favorite of your colleagues and bosses, as you are an adequate and self-critical person.
  2. If a girl had a dream that the boss was yelling at her, or about how she quarreled with her boss, this portends problems at work. After that dream, you should carefully and conscientiously fulfill all your duties and not enter into confrontation with colleagues and superiors, warns the Female Dream Book.
why dream of cursing with the director of

I had a new, unfamiliar leader

If you had a dream in which you talk with a new, previously unfamiliar director, talk to him about working issues, then it is likely that soon you will have in real life and change the direction of activity. It is likely that soon the company or organization where you work now will close. In this regard, you will have to look for a new job.

If a girl dreams of a new female director, then in real life she has self-doubt, her abilities. She probably thinks that other people are more beautiful, so they can achieve great heights. It is important to understand that appearance is practically of no value when climbing the career ladder. If possible, you should contact a psychologist after such a dream and work out questions of your own self-esteem.

If in a dream the director gave money

The CEO had a dream from work, who gave an impressive amount of money as awards? Be prepared to cheat. After such a dream, one must be on the alert, as the Gypsy dream book states. It is possible that within a short time after such a dream they will try to deceive you or even rob you. It is possible that one of the colleagues will try to set you up, resulting in possible financial losses.

If in a dream the director asks you to hide a large amount of money of unknown origin, then in real life he will show you doubtful trust. If you doubt that you can justify such a trust, then you better give it up altogether.

It was recalled that you and the director recounted a huge number of coins and notes - in real life, be afraid of fraud. After such a dream, it is better not to trust anyone and carefully double-check all incoming information - it doesn’t matter from whom exactly it came - from the head or from colleagues, partners, suppliers, etc. After a dream with this content, one should be afraid of dismissal.