The most delicious and the most high-calorie ice cream is ice cream . It has 12-15% fat content. One serving is a quarter of the standard norm calories . If you follow the figure, use ice cream with caution. In addition, it’s important to remember that nuts, chocolate or whipped cream increase calorie content 1.5-2 times
Creamy ice cream contains much less fat than ice cream, "only" 8-10%. To taste and nutrition, it is very close to ice cream, but the calories in it are one third less. Great choice for a festive table
Even fewer calories and fat in milk ice cream. The percentage of fat is only 3-3.5, as in yogurt. But the taste of such ice cream leaves much to be desired. However, in the heat it is not particularly felt. It cools perfectly.
But fruit ice or fruit and berry ice cream, which people like to serve in various cafes, is the choice of those who want to lose weight. There is no fat in it at all, calorie content is low. But there is no protein, therefore the nutritional value of ice cream is appropriate. However, is this really required from a good dessert? This ice cream is made from fruits, berries, fruit purees and juices, it is almost 100% absorbed by the body. In addition, it has a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C.