Medical food with ulcerative disease of the 12th duodenal colon > compiled individually and depends on the stage of exacerbation or remission . Only a doctor can set these features, so do not neglect his consultation.
In the stage of exacerbation of this disease, any fresh and rye bread, as well as pastries, strong vegetable, meat and fish broths, fatty meats, smoked meats, sausages are completely excluded from the diet , salted cheeses, oily sour cream, fried and hard-boiled eggs. You can not eat corn, barley, pearl barley, as well as whole pasta and legumes. Also, most of the greens, vegetables and fruits, especially sour and with coarse fiber, are not allowed to the table.
Despite a large number of restrictions, the menu for a duodenal ulcer is still quite diverse. You can eat dried or yesterday’s wheat bread of the 1st, 2nd grades, crackers, croquet cookies. Mashed soups are especially useful for damaged mucous membranes. For their preparation do not use cabbage, radishes, sorrel, spinach, onions, and the rest of the vegetables are not passivated. In the soup add semolina, rice, buckwheat, as well as vermicelli. Vegetable decoctions must be drained.
For the preparation of meat and poultry dishes, only lean varieties are used, which are boiled and served to the table in mashed form. The same condition must be observed for cooking fish. On the side dish for the second dish, any mashed vegetables are useful, except for cabbage, radish, sorrel, spinach, onions, mushrooms, rutabaga. Useful green peas, rice, buckwheat, noodles, vermicelli.
From dairy products you can eat almost everything, but without high acidity. There is a small amount of sour cream, one-day yogurt, pureed curd, cream is only natural.
You cannot use spices in the preparation of any acceptable dish. You can fill ready-made food with milk and sour cream sauces or fruit and berry gravy. From drinks, you can drink tea with milk or cream, cocoa, a decoction of rose hips, sweet fruit and berry juices. For dessert, honey, jam, berries and fruits are best baked or boiled.
As the acute stage of the disease subsides, the table gradually expands. Add early boiled squash and pumpkin, homemade noodles, milk soups. All dishes are also steamed or boiled and served in a mashed form. The diet consists of 5-6 meals. Compliance with this diet for duodenal ulcer is necessary for a long time - 1-1.5 years.