What lamp oil is made of: description, composition, application

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What lamp oil is made of: description, composition, application

The rite of lighting in the church of lamps and candles dates back to ancient times. Many associate this procedure with eternal flame. The first lamps were used to illuminate the caves in which the faithful population held a secret service. Today, lamps are lit in every church and in the homes of believers in front of the icons. But not everyone can afford to buy a ready-made fuel composition. That is why many people are wondering what lamp oil is made of. If you know all the secrets, then you can make the tool at home.


Before you understand what lamp oil is made of, you need to understand the value and origin of this tool. Many peoples use fir trees. This is an ordinary olive oil, in which incense is added without a pungent odor. During preparation, a prayer must be read. The greatest strength is possessed by those mixtures that were made on the relics of saints. Miro is a universal oil blend with aromatic herbs and incense. The composition may include up to 40 different ingredients, but the basis is always oil. Only the head of the church can prepare the world. The mixture is cooked for at least three days so that the composition does not ignite, grape wine is necessarily added to it. Ordinary citizens are often interested in what lamp oil is made of. Experts always note that the composition includes incense and olive oil. Miro is based on the resin of rare trees, which has a stable aroma and a rather piquant taste. It is worth noting that ordinary myrrh oil has nothing to do with church rites.

Classic lamp models

Classic version

Olive oils for lamps are very popular today. In some cases, the main component can be replaced with sunflower or corn oil. Of course, this is not the worst option, but it also has its drawbacks. Lamps filled with such oil will go out, clog the wick, and also form a deposit. This effect occurs as a result of the fact that after interaction with oxygen, fatty substances undergo oxidative polymerization. Films form on the surface of the solution. If you need to understand what lamp oil is made of, you should understand that linseed, corn, sunflower, hemp, and rapeseed oil can be used in production, but this is not the best option.

Self-made fragrant oil


If a person decided to make lamp oil with his own hands, then he needs to prepare all the necessary components in advance. In order for the product to have an unusual smell, various healing herbs are added to it, from which a pleasant aroma comes. Today you can buy a special set of dry herbs that do not affect the burning characteristics. Classic composition:

  • Extra virgin olive oil - 200 ml.
  • Tea rose flavoring - 5 ml.

For storage you need to choose jar with dark glass. It is forbidden to add water to the composition, since the quality of combustion will immediately deteriorate. Another simple option:

  • Olive oil - 5 tbsp. l.
  • Lanolin - 2.5 tbsp. L.
  • Castor oil - 5 tbsp. L.
  • Fragrance (peony, rose or mint) - 2 tbsp. L.

All components are mixed in one container and let it brew for 3-5 days.

Household lamp

Ready-made product

In specialized shops you can see Vaseline oil. This tool does not emit toxic fumes if the combustion temperature does not exceed 800 degrees, which is quite enough for church and domestic needs. This product is obtained as a result of processing tar, which is represented by a mixture of a wide variety of carbons, sulfur and its compounds. The manufacturing process has its own characteristics. Specialists completely clean the composition of harmful impurities, it becomes clean and safe. Ready Vaseline oil for the lamps is painted in yellow.



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