, where do the new symptoms of coronavirus come from

25.04.2020 Medicine
, where do the new symptoms of coronavirus come from

This is not the first time that humanity has been confronted with coronavirus infection. From time to time, viruses that inhabit the representatives of the wild fauna mutate and become dangerous for our species. The uninvited guest who made a stir this year became another novelty from the animal world.

If scientists figured out the origin of COVID-19, then diagnosing the disease is a bit more complicated. There are currently a number of tests. They are carried out both in hospitals where patients with suspected coronavirus are admitted and at home if the person has contacted the patient or there is a chance that he is infected. There is no way to conduct a general diagnosis, and it is not needed. It is difficult to imagine a visit to the dentist, who for no reason ends with a referral to a cardiogram. This may even outrage the patient. In the case of COVID-19, the opposite is true - absolutely healthy people want to confirm their status. Such a reinsurance is understandable in the current situation.

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Is it time to turn to doctors who can confirm or refute suspicions of coronavirus if the following symptoms are observed:

  • Cough;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • gh fever;
  • Chest pain;
  • Fatigue, muscle pain.

Almost daily, the news feed offers to expand above list. Is it worth it, and how do journalists discover new symptoms of coronavirus?

Journalistic retelling

The media are interested in the latest medical research and present them as already perfect discovery. Due to the fact that not much is known about the causative agent of the disease, all cases are examined and the most common symptoms are searched. Talking about the work of scientists in the spirit of “sensational statement”, journalists become a source of misinformation.


Chinese doctors who treated SARS CoV2 patients noted that many patients had conjunctivitis. People got acquainted with the long-known fact that you can get an infection through the mucous membrane of the eye. Ophthalmologists later explained that coronavirus does not lead to vision loss, but the news that vision problems indicate the presence of a dangerous infection in the body was popular.

The Scientific Institute of Orthopedics in Spain addressed the question: can it be the asymptomatic course of the disease in children and adolescents is associated with various skin lesions found on the feet of some of them. Journalists immediately reported a new symptom of COVID-19 - a certain rash on their legs.


Journalists make a gross mistake, posing as a scientifically proven fact . Charlatans and lunatics offer their diagnostic options in order to earn money in panic moods or gain fame. It got to the point that a rumor was spread about the possibility of infection with coronavirus through ventilation in apartment buildings. The story of the infection with smallpox in the middle of the last century was borrowed to compose a terrible tale.

A rumor spread around Chinese Wuhan that cats are carriers of coronavirus. These animals, like humans, already have their own strains of this disease known to science. Began the "witch hunt", or rather, on innocent animals. Soon, scientists discovered COVID -19 in the esophagus of cats, which only inflamed passions. There is no evidence that pets were able to infect humans, and there isn’t, but they already have enemies.

Italian scientists noted a decrease in the blood of patients with coronavirus lymphocytes. The news turned into gossip that the infection can be transmitted through the blood.

Masked people

Why unverified news is believed

It would be nice if every person would immediately check for unusual facts about COVID-19 for accuracy. Unfortunately, polyglots (many primary sources are not translated into Russian) are as few as doctors. Unscrupulous journalists, in the pursuit of sensations, take advantage of this.

In addition to the lack of professional knowledge, there is a desire against suspicious citizens to get a simple and affordable way to check for viruses themselves at home.

The consequences of gullibility are absolutely unnecessary visits to the clinic during the period of the epidemic. Even worse are those who, having discovered a coronavirus according to the “newspaper duck” technique, begin to be treated using recipes from the same unverified sources. Such an adventure may end in intensive care.


How to protect yourself from false sensation

The information that is posted is reliable on medical resources. If some interesting material has come across in a popular publication, you should not be too lazy to look at the official website of the same WHO and double-check the accuracy of the information provided.

There are a number of resources created by certified practitioners who can be consulted online. There you can find reliable information about the symptoms of COVID-19.

You can call for advice. There are hot lines of the Ministry of Health, you can call your doctor. Do not be shy to ask experts. It’s much easier for doctors to answer questions over the phone than to save those who got the infection in the queue at the clinic or self-medicated.


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