Every day, the demand for such products is only growing, which is why specialized stores selling farm products are gaining more and more popularity. Each such store has its own trusted suppliers, and the assortment of farm products sometimes strikes the imagination of even sophisticated gourmets. The most popular products, as a rule, are considered to be fermented and dairy, in the second most popular place are seasonal fruits and vegetables. However, sometimes you can even find such an exclusive, for example, home-made horse sausage or even black caviar.

Products directly from farmers

Gone are the days when it was possible to come to the market and buy cottage cheese from the first grandmother that came across, which aroused confidence. Farm products - this is, first of all, products that are grown in accordance with all environmental norms and standards, without the use of nitrates and pesticides, and its safety, environmental friendliness and lack of GMOs are confirmed by relevant certificates. However, conscientious farmers are also worth their weight in gold, so it is quite difficult for a simple layman to distinguish a high-quality product from a low-quality one. There are such farmers who can give out store cottage cheese for their own, use antibiotics for longer storage of products, dilute milk with water, etc. That is why some specialized shops selling farm products are much more reliable in this sense.

The farms with which the store cooperates undergo a thorough check, and this check is not limited to studying certificates and insignia, some famous Internet stores present their list of stringent requirements and regularly check the products of a particular farmer for quality compliance. So, some product samples can be periodically subjected to laboratory tests, and some larger companies can even afford to maintain, for example, their own cutting shop, upload photo and video reports on the cultivation of certain crops, livestock, etc. In case of any violations on the part of the farmer, such an online store is easier to completely terminate the contract with him, rather than risk his reputation. That is why it is sometimes not only more profitable, but also more reliable to purchase farm products through trusted supermarkets and online stores.

How to choose your online farm products store

When choosing between stores selling farm products , do not pay attention only on the assortment, but also reviews of real customers. Word of mouth, as you know, works better than any advertising. In this regard, consumers respond very well to farm products of the Alphabet of Taste online store . And although the assortment is still small, it is already quite possible to please yourself with natural dairy products, sausages and even pine nuts. To place an order, you need to go to the "Our Farm" section on the website, add the product you like to the basket and place the order.

If you have not found decent reviews about this or that store, but you still want to try the products , in extreme cases, you can create a test basket of products from different suppliers and in the future give your preference to those shops and farms whose taste of products seemed to you the most natural. Well, of course, it is worth remembering the seasonality of certain products, and if you are offered fresh juicy strawberries in the winter, you should at least think about it.