What is a spectacle diet

A spectacle diet was invented for convenience - according to it, a certain number of points is assigned to each product (special tables were created for this). To lose weight, you need to ensure that a day does not score more than 40 points. After a while, when the result is achieved, you can increase the score to 60 points. The Kremlin diet is built on this principle, and a similar idea underlies the Barry Sears' Zone Diet.

In this case, the most points in this system are products that contain a lot of carbohydrates (cereals, bread, sweets - from 20 and more). Fruits and vegetables contain from 3 (cucumbers and lemons) to 16 points (potatoes), dairy products - from 1 (cottage cheese and cheese) to 5 (milk). But fish, meat and seafood correspond to 0 points.

The effectiveness of low-carb diets

The fact that low-carb diets use ballerinas and movie stars before an important event, may indicate that the effectiveness of this diet is quite high. As you know, an excess of carbohydrates (especially simple ones) leads to fullness, therefore, according to the logic of the creators of the diet, in order to lose weight, you need to create a deficit of them. However, everything is not so simple ...

The harm of low-carb diets

We need carbohydrates - of which the body needs primarily draws energy. In addition, they are important for the process of losing weight, since with their lack of fats, they do not burn completely, forming toxic ketone bodies. Plus add to this the lack of fiber found in whole grains. As a result, the body is poisoned by toxins, intestinal microflora are disturbed, constipation appears. Another significant drawback of these diets is the predominance of protein foods in the diet leads to blood clots, and cholesterol rises, kidney and gall bladder problems may begin.

  • ImportantIf you still decide to adhere to one of the low-carb diets, then its duration should not exceed 4 weeks.


Protein-dominated diets are contraindicated in people with kidney disease. In addition, this mode gives a serious burden on the cardiovascular system. For problems with the gall bladder, you should also abandon this method of losing weight so as not to provoke the formation of stones.