Why do Armenians dream of a woman: interpretation of plots

31.08.2019 Dream book
Why do Armenians dream of a woman: interpretation of plots

Thinking about what the Armenians dream of about a woman? It is worth noting immediately that in order to interpret such plots, it is important to take into account the general emotional background present in the realm of dreams, since some young ladies of this nationality cause fear and panic, while others have warm and tender feelings. In addition, it is also important to take into account the external nuances of the dream, as well as be able to competently compare them with the real world.

Opinion of Gustav Miller

To answer the question of what the Armenians dream of in a dream a woman, you need to seek help from one of the most popular interpreters of our time, compiled by an experienced psychoanalyst. Miller assures his readers that this image is in most cases young girls who are afraid of being raped in reality. However, as a rule, such phobias are simply groundless.

The man is fast asleep.

Also, the psychoanalyst notes that it is important to take into account the attitude of the sleeping person to representatives of this nationality. If she tries to avoid any contact with the Armenians in reality, then this plot is nothing more than an embodiment of her fears. But if the girl has a positive attitude towards the Caucasian people, then it is quite possible that she is eager to have an affair with a representative of the opposite sex (especially true if the dreamer herself refers to the Armenians).

A great family interpreter

To understand what the Armenian men dream of, you need to try to remember exactly where the meeting with a representative of this nationality took place. If it was the dreamer's house or apartment, it would be trouble. Most likely, troubles await her now, it will be very difficult to deal with them alone. But a meeting with an Armenian on the street can bode unexpected news that will not turn out to be positive, but will not bring much harm.

Particular attention should be paid to the vision in which the Armenian showed love for the fair sex . In order to make a competent interpretation, it is important to pay attention to the emotions that the beauty experienced during this. Disgust speaks of the diseases that currently dominate the body of a sleeping person. And the feeling of joy promises a long and happy family life with a loved one.

Interpretations from the Middle Kingdom

Has an Armenian dreamed in a folk costume? According to the Chinese interpreter, such a vision is usually those individuals who devote a lot of time to self-development. If a person continues to follow the same path in life, then very soon the truth will be revealed to him, which will be able to change his whole life. However, it will be important to thank the Universe for new knowledge, otherwise luck will turn its back on you.

The girl is sleeping peacefully.

Feeling great fear while being next to an Armenian in the realm of dreams is a sign that in the real world, the dreamer is overwhelmed by some experiences that are completely groundless. However, if she continues to concentrate only on the bad, she will surely bring various kinds of problems into her life. To avoid this, you must first set yourself up for success, and also not neglect the opportunity to find support from loved ones.

Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

Who, if not Freud (a well-known psychologist and expert in areas of night visions), to know what the Armenians dream of in the dream of the fair sex. The author of a famous interpreter claims that such an image is inextricably linked with the intimate life of a sleeping person. Here are just the most interesting interpretations suitable only for adult dreamers:

Armenian against the background of the church.
  • indulging in love pleasures with an Armenian - a sign that diversity should be made in their sex life in the real world;
  • to be abused by people of a different nationality - to groundless fears that the plot will repeat in reality;
  • in a dream from a bearded Armenian man a bouquet of roses - to meeting a new sexual partner.

Particular attention to the plots in which the Armenians appeared should be paid to a young and unmarried girl. If she had a chance in the kingdom of dreams to defend her honor, then she risks losing in reality innocence with a stranger who will eventually abandon her. To prevent this from happening, you should refrain from visiting dubious establishments and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Values ​​from the book of the Wanderer

But Terenty Smirnov is sure that the plot with representatives of a different nationality promises the girl an acquaintance with the second half. True, such an interpretation will be relevant only for that beauty, who at the moment is not in serious relationship with anyone. If the dreamer lives with a man or is even engaged, then she will have to face a rival on a love front, which will not be so easy to overcome.

A young girl is dreaming.

Had a chance to see an Armenian wandering around the market looking for products? Soon a large number of family troubles will fall on your shoulders, which will not see the end and edge. Close friends, family members, or household members can help cope with all future difficulties. The most important thing is to ask them to provide a service, neglecting their own pride. Otherwise, it will take a very long time to solve the problems.


We hope you now understand very well what the Armenians dream of. Of course, there can be a lot of interpretations for such a nightly image, since it is simply impossible to draw up a universal interpretation. However, you can try to find a true interpretation in the depths of your own subconscious by comparing your own feelings with the real world.