Cracks are caused by sharp fluctuations in humidity and temperature of air and soil in the early period of bush development. From landing to appearances of ovaries fruits It is very important to ensure uniform humidity and temperature. If at time the appearance of ovaries and fruits in size with walnut, the plants are not provided with sufficient uniform humidity, leaves wither and crumble, and the air humidity is below 50%, then there is a high probability that cracks will appear on ripened fruits. Provide uniform watering and airing of the greenhouse during the formation of the root and aboveground parts of the bush: in sunny weather, water after 3-4 days, in cloudy - after 4-5 days. Combine the frequency of watering with the humidity outside the greenhouse, in rainy weather, the air humidity increases several times and reduces the frequency of watering by 1-2 days. In hot weather, open the side wall of the greenhouse or draft by opening the doors on both sides. During this period, maintain a uniform optimum humidity for tomatoes about 65-75%. At a time when the fruits begin to pour and sing, plentiful and frequent watering of the tomatoes is not needed , because the bush has a developed root system and provides itself with moisture from the depth of the soil. Water tomatoes during this period after 5-7 days, only under the bush, but plentifully. In order not to swamp the soil under the plant, irrigate in 2-3 doses, waiting until the next portion is absorbed before giving the next. At the end of summer, conditions again appear that contribute to cracking of the fruit. First of all, these are the differences in night and day temperatures. At night, due to a decrease in air temperature, evaporation also decreases, moisture accumulates in the fruits and they crack. In addition, during this period, gardeners usually pinch young shoots in order to stop the further development of the bush, but there are still a lot of fruits on the branches and they can crack, since with the removal of the top and leaves of the bush its evaporating surface decreases, excess moisture accumulates in the fruits and causes cracks.