Why dream about a feast with friends: the meaning and interpretation of sleep

31.08.2019 Dream book
Why dream about a feast with friends: the meaning and interpretation of sleep

The table is considered to be a symbolic sign. These are the goals of the sleeper and how he knows how to achieve them. Why dream about a feast with friends, relatives and other very close ones? Is it a bad sign or from a dream with refreshments and dishes standing on the table, you need to wait for a dirty trick? We ask the dream books about this. Collections have the opportunity to share with us the observations of their famous (and not quite) compilers.

Modern interpretation of midnight illusion

dream book feast with relatives and friends

In a modern dream interpretation of dreams about a feast, as elsewhere, depends on various details of the script. We will be observant in a dream and in reality in order to accurately predict what can lie in wait in real life.

Independently prepare dishes for a feast with friends - what is the story of this? Such a hint from the universe is usually interpreted as favorable. The life of a sleeping person in the very near future will be a reason for joy. In it, pleasant phenomena will begin to occur. In general, your reality will be prosperous.

According to the modern dream book, a feast with relatives and friends, on which you feel uncomfortable or anxious or experience some other unpleasant feelings, portends a dreamer (dreamer) suddenly falling down on her head. trouble.

Female dream book (eastern)

dream book feast with friends

To be among the guests and celebrate something, enjoying the incredible dishes and sincere people invited together with the sleeping (sleeping). Ahead the lady will enjoy pleasant meetings and very positive communication with people.

I dreamed of a feast with friends, but the tables were empty and dirty. Being asleep (asleep) near a number is very disgusting - in real life there is a difficult financial time. Despite the help of loved ones, it will be very difficult to get out of debt and other monetary losses. But if you manage, it gives hope for an improvement in later life after the test.

Prediction of the meaning from Medea

According to her dream book, the interpretation of the feast with family and friends is often positive. For example, if you make a toast during the celebration in a daydream, it means that your loved ones respect your opinion and see a purposeful person who is significant to them. These people are always ready to listen to your advice or listen at the time of failure.

In a dream, see a feast with friends and relatives, where you are talking with someone sincerely. In reality, a dream promises peace among your relatives. Increases and recognition in the workplace are also possible. Success has been with you in many endeavors.

A quarrel during a rich treat may warn of misunderstanding among your friends. However, it’s good that you’ll resolve the conflict yourself very quickly.

What is the dream of having a meal with friends: Gustav Miller's collection

A chicly served table is a sign of success in a field that is significant for the dreamer (dreamer). Interesting acquaintances will soon happen. They will be important and unusual. New acquaintances, one way or another, will contribute to your successful business advancements.

If, on a dream book, a feast with friends takes place at a table not covered with a tablecloth and a path, you are very independent in real life. You yourself are always looking for a way out of the situation. The interesting thing is that you will definitely find it.

In a dream, see a feast with friends and then how you, in splendid isolation, collect dirty dishes after the holiday from the table. Now everything is more than just safe, but you don’t need to relax much, the dream hints. Joy will easily be replaced by despondency and a depressed mood. This will be facilitated by something that you learn from communicating with important people.

The table with dishes and guests strangely moves itself, without strangers in a dream. In reality, you are not very happy with what is happening around. Perhaps you dreamed of something else. And now, a persistent feeling of disappointment prevents us from enjoying life. It is worth reconsidering your views. Otherwise, life will rush through. And you will remain forever dissatisfied (dissatisfied).

Oh, this Freud

modest feast

A famous psychiatrist was a strange person, but there is some truth in his interpretations there was still a night dream.

The table in some of his works (Freud) is considered a symbol of the essence of a woman. Poorly laid to the feast - the lady is a painter to give away real feelings and the disclosure of desires before the partner.

A broken table, which is the key figure of the feast, you need to gather your thoughts (if you are a lady). If you are a man who has a dream about a feast with friends, taking place with the participation of broken furniture, you need to be careful about the surrounding women. You're trying too hard to seem like a macho man.

The feast is dreaming. Wang explains

dream interpretation interpretation of the feast

This is what a feast is with friends, where the tables are laid out elegantly and generously, by assumption Bulgarian seer and healer of the Gospel. This means that fate has prepared for the sleeping or sleeping many blessings. Good incidents will fall on the heads of not only the sleeping, but also their relatives.

Accordingly, when a feast passes for strange dishes, such as leftovers, crusts, peels and other inedible elements, the dream changes in the exact opposite. Know, if you unfortunately became a participant in this celebration at the festival - not to escape troubles. Troubles will be both large and small. They will spoil many happy moments. Nothing to do with this black stripe. You just need to survive it.

Weekly dream book

Monday. On the table during the feast, you see a very diverse assortment of beautiful, and most importantly, delicious dishes. Sleep promises an increase in salary in the real life of the dreamer or dreamer. Your career moves forward and upward.

on Tuesday. A lot of wine and other booze at the holiday - a hint that the dreamer (dreamer) needs to dose alcohol in his reality. An extra glass of wine helps you to not very well monitor your behavior and language. This is not conducive to promotion. Nor does it strengthen relationships with family and friends.

Wednesday with songs. But to vocalize at the table is a good sign. If in a dream you surrender to singing with all the passion and get joy and only positive emotions from it - in reality you will soon be happy with the guests who are about to pay you a visit.

Thursday. On this day, or rather, on Thursday night, you can do whatever you want in your dream. Any actions do not matter. On Thursday, a dream has been considered "empty" for centuries - not bearing a semantic load. A sort of weekend for dreams.

On Friday, night dreams are taken seriously. Sleep is considered very important. If a young lady saw in a dream a feast associated with the wedding, probably in real life she will soon have to attend it. A dream can indicate an offer of a hand and a passionate heart for an unmarried lady, while married women just walk well at someone's wedding in real life.

Saturday. The lady sees herself at the table, covered with incongruous dishes - probably, soon she will find out about the pregnancy of one of the women friends. It is possible that the dreamer herself will also be in a position.

A Sunday dream means reliable friends if there are more men than women during the feast. For a lady, such a dream can bode a secret admirer from a society close to her.

Reading from the new dream book

A man drinks a lot of alcohol during a noisy, rich feast, where his friends and other dear ones are present and loved ones. Such a nightly adventure hints that in the dreamer's real life, most of the current affairs will be improved from day to day. It is interesting that for a man it will not cost almost any effort. Apparently, you so much wanted this, that the Universe itself contributes to you. Enjoy his gifts.

In a dream, the celebration was held in a house unfamiliar to a sleeping person - a great moment in a dream. Such a feast indicates that the creativity of the sleeping person will significantly develop in the very near future. This will contribute to faster and more confident career advancement.

To spread a very beautiful tablecloth and arrange tableware is a profitable business for a sleeping person. A dream can also promise lucky moments with relatives. You will be happy for them.

Interpretation of Natalya Stepanova

We saw a feast with by a multitude of people, while everything was solemn and magnificent? You liked the dream, and you woke up with an excellent mood, on a positive. A dream indicates the safe course of the most important business for you (at the moment).

Tables are set right in the fresh air - an excellent sign. The dream means that the sleeping (sleeping) person will soon say goodbye to his debts and other absorbing pits of their hard-earned finances.

Not a very generous table to find during the celebration - hurry up to become a more calculating person in the field of your own finances. A dream indicates your excessive waste. If this continues, real poverty is not far off. Be prudent. Put your family finances in order.

At the table among your beloved and close people you suddenly see an unpleasant person. It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar or discovered this person for the first time in your life, a dream indicates troubles. There’s bad talk about you. Gossip does not have real soil, but it’s very damaging to your reputation. Find solutions to continue your business with dignity.

Fight and inverted dishes during a feast - a quarrel with friends.