How can tea harm your health?

Drinking too much can negatively affect your health. the work of all internal organs, which in any case will affect the state of health, and the whole thing is this: - almost all varieties of tea contain caffeine, of course, not in such quantities as coffee, nevertheless, the arterial rise pressure, insomnia, nervousness - all these are signs that indicate an excessive passion for tea; - the tea leaf contains a substance called tannin, moreover, that it is toxic also negatively affects the digestive process; - despite the obvious benefits of green tea, its excess is also harmful, because the drink has a very high concentration of fluorine, which adversely affects the bone system of the human body, and with prolonged and regular use of tea, it can cause poisoning; - tea of ​​any grade is a strong diuretic, which means that abuse of the drink can lead to dehydration. Uric acid, which remains in the joints and is not excreted along with the fluid, can accumulate and subsequently lead to the development of arthritis; - women who feel unwell before critical days should limit the use of tea, since its excess can lead to increased symptoms and signs of PMS; - a large amount of strongly brewed tea consumed daily can cause headaches, sleep disturbances, excessive activity, or vice versa lethargy; - as you know, for the proper functioning of Ganism needs a sufficient amount of water, but since tea consists of boiled water, it not only does not replenish the water balance, but also contributes to the disposal of existing fluids. Of course, no one calls for stopping drinking tea at all, but you need to choose only high-quality drink it, brew it daily and discard tea bags, which are usually made from the waste of tea production.