Why urine smells in men: possible causes and treatment

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Why urine smells in men: possible causes and treatment

Many people don’t know why urine is yellow and smells like in men. From time to time, such a phenomenon is encountered by anyone. Not always this indicates the presence of pathology. For example, a pungent odor appears after drinking. If this is a one-time occurrence, then there is no reason for concern. But if an unpleasant odor appears again and again, then this indicates the presence of pathology.

Some are wondering why urine smells like ammonia in men. For example, such a smell may indicate cystitis. Although the latter is rare in men, it cannot be completely ruled out. Sometimes we can talk about more serious diseases of the bladder, up to oncology.

Not everyone knows why urine smells like acetone in men. A similar problem appears in diabetes, but with a particularly severe form of the disease, a similar smell rather resembles ripe apples. Below we will consider possible pathology options in comparison with the norm.

Composition, smell and color of urine: yellow is the norm

Not everyone knows why urine smells in men. Its color, transparency and smell are the most important diagnostic criteria. Unlike the chemical composition, a person can evaluate them independently, and in case of any deviations he will need to pass an analysis and consult a doctor.

why urine in men began to smell

Many people think that the norm is a pale yellow color of urine. This is actually not the case. Color is highly dependent on concentration. The higher it is, the more saturated the shade will be. Norma is a whole palette, from light straw to bright yellow.

Deviations are, for example, a dark brown color or a shade of beer, which can indicate the presence of hepatitis and other liver diseases. If the shade is reddish, this indicates that there is an impurity of blood in the urine, for example, with kidney diseases. A grayish-white color, especially in combination with unpleasant odors, indicates purulent processes, but mainly in the genitourinary system. With similar processes in the intestine, it acquires a greenish or even blue tint.

Clouding of the urine indicates the presence of fats and mucus in it (this is not always associated with pathologies, sometimes it can only speak of insufficient hygiene). Finally, clouding is possible in the presence of salts.

In a healthy person, urine is practically odorless. Even if he is, he is not sharp and specific. The exception is the specific smell of urine after consuming products such as garlic, horseradish or even regular coffee.

Not knowing why men urine smell, you need to remember that an unpleasant specific aroma occurs after heavy drinking of horseradish, garlic. Asparagus can give an unpleasant odor and even a light greenish tint.

Asparagus as a reason for the smell of urine

Sometimes in the morning urine smells stronger than in the afternoon or in the evening. There is no pathology here. This is due to the fact that more testosterone, the male sex hormone, was released in the previous period.

What is taken into account when diagnosing

Not everyone knows why urine smells in men. A doctor cannot make a diagnosis only by color and aroma. The analysis will also establish the amount of substances contained in the urine. This:

  1. Urea, which helps to remove nitrogen from the body. Its content increases with pathologies accompanied by the destruction of protein compounds (for example, with diabetes), as well as with prolonged use of certain hormonal drugs.
  2. Creatinine. In men, it stands out more than in women. But if the level rises compared to the norm, this may indicate diabetes mellitus or liver diseases.
  3. Creatine is something like a spare battery for the body. Its level can be high in children or the elderly due to natural physiological characteristics. In middle-aged men, its increased concentration is associated with muscle diseases.
  4. Uric acid. This is a purine processing product. An increase in its level in men is associated with a pathology such as gout (for women this disease is uncharacteristic).
  5. Organic acids. They form in the muscles and other tissues and are excreted in the urine. These are, for example, acetic and succinic acids. In men, their concentration increases with high physical exertion, with a lack of oxygen, but sometimes diabetes can be the cause.

Various shades of yellow are a matter of the content of pigments in the urine. In particular, it is stercobilinogen. A change in its concentration (and color of urine) can indicate both the liver diseases mentioned above and food poisoning.

An unpleasant "mouse" smell as a symptom of phenylketonuria

Why not everyone began to smell urine in men. Often this smell is characterized in different ways - like "mouse", musty, moldy, etc. Its appearance speaks of phenylketonuria. This is a genetically determined disease. It is due to a violation of the metabolism of amino acids, more precisely, one of them - phenylalanine. And this is due to insufficient production of certain liver enzymes.

This disease is currently diagnosed at a very young age . It is believed that following a diet in which phenylalanine will not enter the body with food will help to avoid problems. This is important because the disease can lead to serious complications for the central nervous system.

Diet involves the exclusion of meat and fish from the diet. Some doctors believe that it must be adhered to until puberty, while others insist that it must be observed throughout life, because otherwise the disease can progress. In recent years, medical treatments have been developed. But for a man at risk, the appearance of such a smell should be an occasion for immediate medical attention.

The smell of cat urine: what does it mean?

Sometimes a pronounced smell emanates from a person, but not everyone knows why sweat smells like urine in men (feline, however). And not only sweat, but also urine. If in women this most often indicates problems in the endocrine system, then in a man it can be:

  • chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • obesity;
  • gastrointestinal tract pathologies;
  • tuberculosis (fortunately, this is less common).

The most common option is kidney disease, since it affects the body most . In this case, the smell is explained by the fact that the breakdown products of proteins are excreted not only with urine, but also with sweat through the sebaceous glands. Doctors in such cases diagnose uricosis, but this is not an independent disease, it is a consequence of pyelonephritis or chronic nephritis. In such cases, it will not work to drown out the urea smell with deodorants, you need to treat the underlying disease, then the smell will disappear.

The smell of rotten fish: you should check the liver

Some ask why urine smells like fish in men. Most likely, this is due to an increase in the concentration of such a substance as trimethylamine in the body. Usually in such cases, the unpleasant odor comes from the body, and from all its metabolic products.

Many people believe that this is due to sexually transmitted diseases, but in fact it is not. The problem usually is that for some reason, the production of liver enzymes is disrupted. At an early stage, this is a relatively harmless condition, but if you do not pay enough attention to its treatment, over time it will lead to intoxication of the body and disruption of the digestive tract.

There is no specific treatment in this case. The only way out is to follow a special diet, in which fish, meat, legumes (beans, peas, chickpeas, etc.) and even eggs, that is, those products that are converted into trimethylamine in the body during chemical reactions, are excluded from the diet. / p>

Ammonia smell: is there any reason for concern

Some people ask why men smell urine. In natural processes of elimination of waste substances, urea is collected in the bladder for some time. The microorganisms living there use it for their vital functions, and ammonia is formed during these processes. The pungent smell of this compound from urine is the most common variant of abnormality. He speaks of either stagnant processes or the excessive activity of bacteria. There can be many reasons, the main ones will be discussed below.

why urine smells like fish in men

Sometimes the smell of ammonia does not mean pathologies, but only about the features of nutrition. For example, if the diet contains too much protein food (this is typical for many men, especially those who engage in power sports and accordingly build their diet). The use of caraway also gives such a smell.

The most common causes of ammonia smell are the following.


That is, dehydration of the body. This happens when a person consumes too little fluid or, for example, with poisoning, accompanied by prolonged vomiting and diarrhea. Urea concentration increases - the smell of ammonia intensifies.

In such cases, you need to water the patient with a rehydration solution - a pharmacy ("Regidron") or prepared independently (1 tsp. Salt and 1 tbsp. Sugar per 1 liter of warm water). You need to give the solution often, but in small portions.

Kidney disease

Including those associated with the formation of stones (calculi) and the appearance of stagnant processes. Only a doctor can prescribe treatment.

Today, there are various methods - from drug dissolution, which can be used only for small stones, to ultrasonic crushing and full surgical intervention.

Liver diseases and associated this impaired metabolic processes

Hepatoprotectors are assigned (for example, “Carsil” or “Essential”).

In addition, the patient must comply with diet.

Bacterial infections

They cause inflammation in the bladder. Vital activity of pathogens increases the smell of ammonia.

Such diseases are treated only with antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor.

Also, the unpleasant smell of urine is affected by the use of calcium preparations, certain B vitamins, and iron supplements. .

It should be noted that diabetics may also have a different smell - a bit sweet, reminiscent of ripe apples. However, this is characteristic only for a severe form of the disease, for type 1 diabetes, when instead of glucose the body receives energy from fats, and then compounds such as acetone and some organic acids become waste in this biochemical process. They give a characteristic apple smell.

Other causes of an unpleasant smell

Not everyone knows why urine smells strongly in men . Putrid aroma can speak not only about severe forms of bacterial infection that are treated with antibiotics from the penicillin or macrolide group, but also about more serious pathologies accompanied by purulent processes. For example, this is the formation of rectal fistulas, that is, fistulas in the bladder or rectum. These situations require immediate hospitalization.

In men, an unpleasant odor can be a result of prostatitis, that is, inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland, accompanied by erectile dysfunction, difficulty urinating and pain in the perineum. In such cases, antibiotics and drugs are prescribed to improve blood circulation, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs and zinc preparations. Physiotherapeutic methods are also used.



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