Window hinges: types, device, functions, care

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Window hinges: types, device, functions, care

When a person selects a window, he must remember that the operation of a double-glazed window is largely dependent on the hardware. Particular attention should be paid to window hinges. If you choose them correctly, then the apartment will be protected not only from the cold and drafts, but also from dust. The noise level that comes from the street will decrease.

What types of loops are there?

Plastic and any another window should open and close easily. nges should also provide a secure fit. These elements of accessories can be divided according to the type of arrangement into upper and lower.

Also, the hinges are classified by the type of window:

  1. Rotary. It will depend on them where the window will open - to the street or inside.
  2. Folding. They help to open the window up.
  3. Screw-in hinges window. Differ in the increased durability.
  4. Overhead. They are a special kind of window hinges. They are bought for designs that are heavy. This type is notable for its high price, but they are rarely used.

Window hinges for windows are of a standard size, as well as small-sized. Large mechanisms are rarely used. Also, these elements differ in the method of production. Pressed and forged are available. Some opt for adjustable window hinges. Others take a simpler option - unregulated.

What materials are suitable for production?

A major role in the manufacture of window fittings is the material from which the hinges are made. They must support the weight of the entire structure and prevent the sash from sagging.

The hinges are mainly made of brass. An aluminum alloy or steel is suitable for production. Some manufacturers work with extremely durable plastic. Decorative strips are also made of it. To prevent rust from appearing on steel hardware over time, the products should be coated with a special galvanizing layer.

What should I look for before buying?

Before you buy hinges, you need to determine the weight of the leaves. Standard designs weigh 180 kilograms. The hinges must be of high strength. Each should work without failures of approximately 16 thousand cycles. You should take into account the weight of the entire double-glazed window, as well as how much the set of accessories weighs. Some do not use window hinges, but door hinges.

It is believed that elements made by cold forging are highly durable and last for many years.

window hinge

What is the difference between hidden mechanisms?

Nowadays, most people prefer to install hidden loops in their homes. This type has advantages over the classic one.

Part of the hinge is embedded in the sash, so it is not visible from the outside. This design looks very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, invisible hinges ensure the maintenance of heat in the room. The rubber seal installed in the window remains intact. The hinges do not allow cold and draft from the street.

This hinge mechanism has proved itself due to its high tightness. An additional window sash clip appears. The lower part of the loop has a protective mechanism. It will reliably protect when trying to hack. This installation is perfect for residents of apartment buildings whose housing is located on the ground floor.

Feature of screw mechanisms

They differ in their composition. This includes the frame part and the sash. Each element has threaded pins. Most often, this type of hinges is installed on wooden windows. The casement part of the hinge is mounted in the casement. A frame part is installed in the window box.

Using this type of hinge increases the reliability of the structure and its useful life. You can buy decorative caps for accessories. The design will be aesthetically pleasing and have a finished look.

This type is used when they want to be able to adjust the pressure of the shutters. Each loop is equipped with several pins. The maximum can be 4 pieces. They are suitable for reinforcing large windows.

What care is needed?

To make the hinge device It worked properly, they need to be lubricated periodically. Some mistakenly believe that it is possible to lubricate the mechanism with sunflower oil or petroleum jelly. By resorting to folk methods, you can ruin the hinge device. You must buy technical or synthetic oil. Mineral motor oil is well suited for these purposes.

Lubricate all parts of the window that are subject to friction when opened. First you need to clean the metal surfaces.

Many people wonder how often it is necessary to lubricate window hinges. It is recommended to carry out prophylaxis once a year. There are also special sprays for window hinges. They are convenient to use. Sprays allow you to evenly distribute the oil inside the loop. With regular care, this design will last a very long time. In addition, the window will open easily and silently.



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