Watermelon diet

Watermelon flesh consists of more than 90% water. Therefore, his main merit in the process of losing weight is a good diuretic effect. Excess fluid is removed from the body, which will quickly be reflected in a decrease in the numbers on the scales. In addition, watermelon has a sweet taste. And in the course of scientific research, the relationship between the use of sweet foods and a sense of fullness was established. When we eat something tasty, our brain responds to receptor signals, sending a feeling of fullness faster. Therefore, the watermelon diet is easier to tolerate than the inclusion of cabbage, cucumbers or kefir in your diet.

Opinions differ about the duration of the watermelon diet. Some nutritionists suggest including about 300-500 g of juicy pulp in each meal. At the same time, you should cleanse your diet as much as possible, leaving in it only lean meat, cottage cheese, eggs, vegetables. Other nutrition experts advise restricting yourself to fasting days on a watermelon, adding rye crackers or bread to it. No more food is allowed; coffee and tea are also prohibited. The allowable amount of watermelon should not exceed 2 kg per day. Repeating this fasting day once a week, it is necessary to adjust the food on other days. It is important not to start eating more, as if compensating for your limitations.

Features of the use of watermelon

In different sources you can find information that watermelons are especially useful to use in the evening or at night. This is due to increased urine formation when a person is sleeping. Such a nutritional scheme promotes the removal of stones and sand from the kidneys. Before going to bed, it is useful to take a warm bath to ensure a good outflow of urine. However, any experiments with watermelon are prohibited if there are kidney problems or stones larger than 4 mm. And people who have gastrointestinal problems run the risk of dehydration. In any case, consulting a doctor will not hurt.

There are frequent cases of watermelon poisoning due to the content of nitrates in them or the ingress of microbes. Therefore, wash the fruits thoroughly, do not get them cut or damaged. With any deterioration in well-being or digestive problems, the diet should be stopped.

Slimming with watermelon promises quick results, but does not guarantee their long-term preservation. As soon as you return to your usual diet, lost kilograms will again remind of themselves. Therefore, the watermelon diet is more suitable for those who need to quickly lose weight for a particular event. But even if it was not possible to lose weight, a watermelon will help to remove toxins from the body, remove swelling, and improve skin condition. And without intentions to lose weight, this fruit is definitely worth including in your menu as often as possible.